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GM Will Take Lyft For $500 Million, Alex

In 2016, mobility evolves at a rapid pace. By now, you've probably caught wind of this whole "ridesharing app" movement. For those of you who still don't have smartphones yet, it's time to get with it. General Motors just invested $500 million in Lyft, with the aim of ultimately providing efficient rides in autonomous vehicles -- on demand. That's right, Time Warner Cable -- time to move over. Check out the article below to learn more.

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GMC Precision: Your Big Day, Our Best Effort

Every life's journey involves a few setbacks. These are the challenges we overcome to arrive at something bigger, something greater, and something more refined. It's this process of trial and error that gives the journey meaning, because it encourages us to pay attention to the details. Sometimes, it's the smallest modifications that make the biggest difference. See what we mean when you check out the video below, featuring one seamstress's efforts to create the perfect wedding gown.

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GMC Partners with Building for America's Best

At Young Buick GMC, we support innovative design -- the kind that boasts intelligence. We believe it's possible to create a product that's both functional and refined in a way that gets the job done more effectively than anyone else. That's why GMC is partnering with Building for America's Best to provide 200 injured service members with the smart homes they need to help them live functionally. Learn more about how you can join the cause when you check out the link below!

Read More Gives You a Preview of the 2016 GMC Terrain

Teddy Roosevelt once wrote, "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." At Young Buick GMC, we're not looking to define foreign diplomacy, but we can surely see the value in this statement, especially when it comes to our professional grade GMC vehicles. Our newest edition, like the 2016 GMC Terrain provide power and efficiency under the toughest conditions -- without sacrificing finesse. Check out a full review of this persuasive new model in the link below.

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Buick Appeals to Hipsters

It might seem inherent in our name that at Young Buick GMC, we're about millennials. We like to think we understand the struggle of maintaining individuality while also striving for success. Sometimes you just want to feel special -- to know you're leading the pack, not following it. That's why we're excited about's recent article on what models hipsters will be after in 2035.

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GMC: Precision and Professionalism -- Always

GMC knows that precision and professionalism are what help almost any project succeed. Whether you're designing a premium vehicle or an outdoor fire pit, it doesn't matter. The highest quality of performance -- both functionality and style -- is entirely dependent on the accuracy of our choices in a given moment. That's why we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to host the #GMCDIY Challenge. This competition brought together three teams of designers, each with their own areas of expertise, be it interior or exterior design.

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There's a Better Option when it Comes to Buying Used

At Young Buick GMC, we understand that many of our customers would prefer to buy a used car rather than a new one. From budget restraints to preferring older models, our team understands. When it comes to buying used though, our team wants you to know that there's an even better, and still budget-friendly, option available. Rather than purchasing a typical used GMC or Buick vehicle, we suggest opting for a Certified Pre-Owned GMC. With these vehicles, you'll experience a slew of welcomed benefit
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Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Buick Has its Advantages

Purchasing a used car is stressful. With thousands of models, makes and years to choose from, finding the perfect car that's still in top-notch shape can be quite difficult. Fortunately, purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Buick comes wait a slew of advantages that make buying a used car an easy feat. If you aren't familiar with Buick's Certified Pre-Owned program, take a moment to watch the video below:

When you buy a Certified…

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