If you were looking to make a memorable advertising campaign, it seems simple to add dogs to it, and you'll definitely get a positive response. But for Buick, this doesn’t seem to be enough, going to extreme lengths to get their audience involved, along with the audience's pups. Now you can submit a video of your dog barking and it can be edited into the ad, an incredible way to include the audience.

In the original ad, the dogs are barking in disbelief as their neighbor rolls up in a new 2015 Buick Enclave, which is an unexpected breath of fresh air in the SUV market. Press play on the video below for one such example of a submitted video being included in the ad.

The general disbelief isn't limited to dogs, many humans are unable to see that this is a Buick vehicle, but indeed it is. Boasting a 288hp V6 engine, the Enclave will thrill you with its driving dynamics and offer a comfortable, luxurious ride no matter where you are headed.

To learn more about the new Buick Enclave or any other new Buick model, come and see us at Young Buick GMC in Layton, UT. We'll show you our selection of available models and make sure you have no trouble finding the best model for your future.

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